The heat and humidity of summer will soon arrive in Kirbyville, MO, and now is the time to start preparing your air conditioner. These air conditioning maintenance tasks are things that you can do on your own right now. You should also schedule a professional tune-up of your air conditioning system with an experienced HVAC contractor.

Replace or Clean the Air Filter

According to the United States Department of Energy, the most important thing you can do now to prepare your air conditioner for the summer is to replace the air filter. After performing hundreds of cooling cycles, the air filter gets clogged with dust. The obstructed air filter causes the air conditioning system to operate less efficiently. Replacing the filter every 30 to 90 days throughout the summer allows the air conditioning system to operate at its peak performance level.

Clean the Fins and Coils

The outdoor compressor has fins and coils. These surfaces pick up dirt, pollen, dust, and debris from nearby vegetation. This debris decreases the system’s efficiency at dissipating heat. Disconnect the unit’s power and spray these parts with a garden hose. An HVAC contractor will also do this for you during an annual tune-up.

Scrub the Condensation Line

During a cycling of the air conditioner, some of the humidity from your home’s air condenses into liquid water. This water gets drained through the condensate line. The constant trickle of water facilitates the growth of algae and biological growth. Those organisms create a film that eventually obstructs the pipe. Remove the pipe from the indoor air handler. Use a stiff scouring pad or wire brush to clean out the scum. Make a 10 percent diluted bleach solution and pour it through the pipe. Your air conditioning contractor can also do this during a maintenance visit.

For more information about how to prepare your air conditioner for the summer heat and humidity, check out Branson HVAC’s air conditioning maintenance services or call today.

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