Replacing your HVAC system is one of the most important decisions that you can make as a homeowner, and it’s one of those situations where timing is everything. While there’s no magic formula, our HVAC contractors in Kirbyville, Missouri, assess multiple factors to determine whether replacement is the best option. Here are a few points that we consider:

1. Increasing Energy Use

As a resident, you expect larger utility bills in January and July, but what if your energy use is excessively high all year? Older air conditioning systems may suffer from small efficiency losses or serious mechanical problems that cause spikes in energy use. If these issues sound familiar, a new HVAC installation could lower your heating and cooling bills by 20 percent.

2. Rising Repair Bills

Helping customers decide when to repair or replace their AC equipment is an important part of our job. If you’re facing a substantial repair bill, consider the immediate benefits of a replacement, such as enhanced comfort and improved reliability. It’s also helpful to track the cost of smaller repairs to accurately assess your ownership expenses.

3. Noise Problems

If your heater or air conditioner keeps you up at night, it’s time to think about replacement. Loud whistling, squeaking or screeching noises are often caused by mechanical problems, such as worn-out bearings, loose belts or leaky ductwork. Our HVAC contractors can identify the cause and recommend the most practical solution.

4. Comfort Challenges

Your comfort is the most important consideration. If your air conditioner or heater doesn’t perform well or seems to run longer every year, investing in repairs doesn’t make sense. Sometimes, replacement is the best way to resolve the root cause of humidity imbalances and airflow problems.

Professional HVAC Installations

If you’d like to schedule an inspection or explore replacement options, you can learn more on our website or by calling Branson HVAC today. Our contractors can assess your home and provide a free estimate.

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