Summertime in Kirbyville, MO, is hot and humid, and you depend on your air conditioning to provide consistent indoor comfort throughout the season. Air conditioner lifespans average 10 years, and the last thing you want is an air conditioning breakdown during a heat wave. Here are the top signs that indicate your home needs a new air conditioning system.

Lack of Cool Air

When you hear the air conditioner turn on, you should feel a stream of cold air blowing from the vents. If no air comes out, you’ve got a problem. If you notice warm air coming out of your home’s air vents, this is a clear sign that an air conditioning installation is in your future. If the air in your home isn’t dropping to the temperature you set on your thermostat, the air conditioning system could have a refrigerant leak, fan malfunction or obstruction in the system.

Increased Indoor Humidity and Noise

As air conditioners age, they lose efficiency at controlling your indoor humidity level. This could be due to a refrigerant leak, clogged condensate line or worn parts. Poor humidity control affects your comfort, making your skin feel clammy. High indoor humidity also fuels mold growth, decreasing your home’s indoor air quality. Malfunctioning air conditioners are also noisy. If an aged air conditioning system starts to squeal or make banging, grinding or screeching sounds, it’s time to consider an AC installation.

Higher Utility Bills

Old air conditioning systems are less effective at cooling your home’s air, explains Energy Star. This causes them to cycle more frequently or short-cycle. Short cycling indicates a capacitor, sensor or electrical problem, and it makes the system turn on and off rapidly. The startup process uses a lot of electricity. You may notice an increase in your summertime electricity bills.

For additional guidance on knowing if you need a new air conditioner, check out Branson HVAC’s AC installation services, or call us today.

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